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Public Relations Manager

Brevard Family Partnership, the lead child welfare agency in Brevard County, is currently looking for a Public Relations Manager to lead, guide and direct the agency’s communications, branding, and events throughout the year. The position will assist in creating community awareness, support, participation, and engaging child welfare professionals.

Business Experience:
1. Strong, writing, public speaking, and presentation skills: This is required to adequately convey the vision, mission and purpose of the agency and successfully engage the public in our efforts.
2. Computer skills in Microsoft programs, including Power Point: This is required to develop presentations and publications, and effectively communicate with stakeholders and audiences.
3. Experience working with diverse groups: To successfully engage community partners, forge mutually-beneficial relationships, and communicate a positive public image for the agency.
4. Demonstrated business judgment & critical thinking skills: The ability to determine appropriate actions in diverse or unfamiliar situations that build or maintain strong community relations and a positive public image.
5. Valid Driver’s License – Essential: This position requires local and state-wide travel.

Educational and Experience Requirements:
1. BS Public Relations required.
2. MS Marketing preferred.
3. 5+ years directing not for profit communications required.
4. Able to work flexible schedule to include evenings/weekends preferred.

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