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Assistant Superintendent – Government & Community Relations
1. Master’s degree required in public relations, communications, or a closely related field. Coursework in
journalism and/or graphic arts is highly desirable.
2. Minimum of five years of progressively responsible and successful experience, including supervisory duties, in
positions similar to a Public Information Officer.
3. Education-related experience preferred.
4. Valid Florida Driver License.

Job Goal
Plan, develop, and implement a broad-scope public information program to effectively serve local citizens and other interested individuals, organizations, and institutions providing accurate, timely, and complete information concerning Brevard County Public Schools. Provide cost effective and quality printing services for the schools, offices, and departments of the District in an efficient manner. Provide effective legislative, governmental, and business relations. Plan and manage physical requirements for effective Board meetings, public hearings, and related events. Develop & maintain effective relationships with all media to include the local press and radio/television organizations and agencies.

Ability to establish effective working relationships with district schools, offices, and department personnel and to demonstrate skills necessary to develop these employees as public information producers for the district. Ability to demonstrate interpersonal and professional skill with members of the public, the news media, and representatives of other interested organizations and individuals by providing accurate, timely, and complete information as requested and/or desired. Knowledgeable of the legislative process and skilled in both governmental and business relations. Demonstrated ability to compose interesting stories, reports, and related publications, news releases, and other documents/programs necessary to effectively communicate district data, information, and events. Possess expert editorial skills and demonstrated knowledge of both printed and electronic media – including production of video and audio programs/events. Skilled in budget management, cost accounting, estimating, and scheduling.

1. Establishes effective two-way communication systems between schools, offices, departments and the district; the
press and media, and the public.
2. Effectively interprets board policy and district procedure to interested citizens, organizations, institutions, and
3. Plans, develops, produces, and distributes internal and external publications to include staff and parent
newsletters, annual reports, brochures, new releases, feature articles, and other documents and materials as
4. Plans and develops TV and other electronic media programs for production and distribution.
5. Serves as the Public Information Officer for Brevard County Public Schools to include official liaison with all news
media representatives relative to activities, events, and /or circumstances involving the District.
6. Assists school and district personnel and Board members in planning public participation events and programs to
include regularly scheduled Board meetings and hearings.
7. Provides training relative to school and community public relations processes and procedures from district
employees and school-associated groups and organizations.
8. Assesses public attitudes toward the District and keeps the Superintendent informed of issues, concerns, and/or
important events or circumstances.
9. Attends all meetings of the Board to assist with the media.
10. Plans, organizes, and conducts recognition programs for students and employees as appropriate.
11. Manages the district’s Printing Services function.
12. Provides administrative support to the Brevard Schools Foundation and other related business/industrial
relationships with the District.
13. Provides the district’s legislative liaison functions.
14. Perform other duties as assigned commensurate with the skills and abilities of the position.
15. Provide outstanding customer service and use positive interpersonal communications skills.
16. Make all decisions and perform all tasks in accordance with Brevard Public Schools’ Organizational Values.
17. Ensure compliance with Board rules and applicable federal laws and regulations.

Sedentary Work: Exerts up to 10 pounds of force consistently to lift, carry, push, pull or move objects.The Brevard County School District will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities to allow them to perform the essential functions of the job when such individuals request an accommodation.

Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of personnel.

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